Murder All Summer Long

ReadingthuRsday-R2I was involved with murder all summer long. I did not commit murder, nor did I help anyone commit murder. I also did not witness murder, nor did I fail to reach out to the proper authorities. However, I was involved with murder all summer long. I read as many mysteries as I could get my hands on and as many mysteries as my time would allow me to read. I was a steady customer at my local public library. I was thrilled when a new Maisie Dobbs novel or another book featuring a favorite character was on the shelf. millhouse-murder-mystery-300x166

I spent my summer with cozy mysteries, historical mysteries, and just plain old mysteries. I stayed away from serial killers, children kidnappers, and children’s murderers because they are just too brutal and disturbing. I stayed with mysteries that involved a person who meets an untimely death at the hands of someone we do not know (yet). I loved the unraveling of the clues and the characters to try to figure out who committed the murder at hand.

detectiveI spent time with some old favorites like Christie, Holmes, Sayers, and James. I gladly read new books by Louise Penny, Alan Bradley, James D. Doss, Susan Wittig Albert and many others. I read free mysteries, I read mysteries picked up at yard sales and book sales, and I read some free Kindle books. I was in mystery heaven.

So now school has started, and guess what? I plan to be involved with murder all fall semester long. Whatever your preferred genre, I hope you can spend some time this fall reading for pure enjoyment.


One comment on “Murder All Summer Long

  1. Brian Leslie Coatney says:

    Some readers and media viewers feed on the gore and darkness. You sound instead like a reader who likes a clever plot, colorful sleuth, and hard to guess nabbing of the perpetrator.

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