Soft Skills and Stories

It’s funny how a topic will pop up in your life and then start following you around like a lost dog. Lately, we’ve been pursued by the notion of stories. We’re planning a series of posts to highlight the usefulness of stories in education. Today’s topic was suggested by an email from Carol Kirves, HCC’s Chief Community, Workforce, and Development Officer…and champion of our soft skills initiative.

Carol shared a link to an article on themuse entitled “6 Types of Stories You Should Have on Hand for Job Interviews.” Many of us would expect questions about leadership and problem solving, but we might not be prepared to discuss mistakes we have made or the activities we pursue in our free time. Nothing can upend a good interview like an unanticipated question.

How can we help our students prepare for these questions? Many of them would make great ice-breaker questions on the first day of class. The questions would also make good writing assignments. We might set aside a moment during class on a regular basis to ask our students how they would respond to one of the queries. Who knows? Maybe we’d learn something about the students who fill the seats in our classrooms that would make us better teachers, too.


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