How Many Licks Does It Take?

anneHow many licks does it take to get the center of a Tootsie Pop?

This commercial which aired several years ago addresses one of the most important questions of mankind! How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Well, according to the wise old owl – three!tootsie-pop-owl

Students are a lot like the old owl. They get in a hurry to get to the center and don’t take the necessary licks to get from classes what they need to be successful. My office mate and I often notice how some students create study groups, come to class early to review, and complete extra work in order to understand the material. Clearly, these are the ones who make the most licks.

taketimeWho else may fall into the trap of too few licks? Instructors! Are you an instructor who takes three licks to find yourself at the center, or do you take many licks before you arrive there? It takes time to provide extra review materials, discuss problematic areas in student engagement, and review points which could be difficult. Maybe you find yourself asking the question, “What else can I do?”

In preparation for the upcoming semester maybe we should take advice from the makers of Tootsie Pops rather than the old owl. Taking the time to create environments of learning can require that both students and instructors take a few more licks to get to the center of our classes.


2 comments on “How Many Licks Does It Take?

  1. myevette2000 says:

    Good things come to those who wait, or in this case, prepare. Thanks for reminding us…..

  2. Brian Leslie Coatney says:

    I was always impulsive and bit the Tootsie Pop into fragments and then started chewing. Impulsive isn’t such a great strategy.

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