Amazing Holiday Deals

ReadingthuRsday-R2I recently had an email from Amazon that declared “Amazon Holiday Deals Start Now!” When I think of Amazon, I think about buying books either in a print or Kindle format. I was so surprised when I opened the email, not a book one was shown as a holiday deal. Of course, one could always search for the holiday book deal, but the deal is not immediately shown in the initial email, in the information about “12 Days of Deals”, in the Black Friday or in the Cyber Monday advertisement. amazon-deals

Please do not think I am picking on Amazon. I love their availability of titles, their competitive prices, and their dependability. I was viewing the email through my lens of understanding and through my perceptions. I was thinking books not vacuum cleaners.

gift-booksI like to give books for gifts, and I like to get books for gifts. I was in the mood for some book “gift ideas” So with no ready list, I now get to do one of my favorite things, browse for books in brick and virtual stores. I am sure to come up with a couple of gems I might have otherwise overlooked if I had just gone with a flashy advertisement. Of course, one of my virtual sources will be Amazon, so there we go…..I am right back where I started.


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