“Outlook Good”

I enjoyed Brian’s post earlier this week about first days of class, a source of anxiety and anticipation for teachers and students alike. After you’ve done this teaching thing for a bit, you can make a pretty fair assessment of your class’s potential after the first couple of classes.  Or, to borrow a more elegant phrase from an English proverb:

A good beginning makes a good end.

I’ll confess that a few previous classes have found me looking like this after the first day:


Happily, my A&P II class for this term appears to hold great promise.  Several students from prior terms are very talented and dedicated, with a good base of knowledge. Moreover, they are willing to help their classmates who don’t pick things up quite as quickly. As we tried a few getting-to-know-you exercises, I encouraged them to make sure that any “newbies” felt welcomed.

I needn’t have been concerned.  As the class progressed and I laid out my expectations, my “old friends” reminded me of things that “new friends” might want to know.  By the end of the day, newcomers were engaging in discussions with the old hands, and I heard phone numbers and email addresses being exchanged.


My Magic 8 Ball is a favorite toy.  Before the students left, I pulled it off the shelf and asked,”Is this going to be a great class?”


“Will everyone do well on the first quiz?”


(You can click here to learn more about the fascinating history of the 8 Ball…and you really need one for your class.)



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