Enjoying the Campus


Brian picIt is 26 degrees outside, the wind is howling, and frozen rain has coated everything, with snow blowing in on top of that. From the random connections of the brain, up came images of how the college experience includes scenic moments of campus beauty. The following shots from the HCC Facebook represent a sliver of what I mean.


balloonThe balloon launch brought earth and sky together. This is one of the benefits of a campus blessed with grassy acreage.





Ice Bucket ChallengeThe ice bucket challenge shows a still shot of water in motion. Moving water is intriguing, and our minds enjoy someone making it appear to stand still.





piece of artThe piece of art out front and near the parking lot is a masterpiece of circles and orbits, in contrast to the impressive arrow running through it pointing up and out at a slight angle. This invites interpretation.






tower and snow


The majestic shot of the clock tower after a snow is serene and grand with the shoveled walkway leading up toward it.







Round Table Park in Snow

The view across Round Table Park in the snow combines the feel of the park’s sense of antiquity with contemporary housing as its backdrop.





tower view with treesThe tower is a tall, central image in this refreshing campus view with lots of trees and greenery.






Round Table spring

Round Table Park hosts the annual, spring poetry awards ceremony. I also remember taking a walk one summer day when only two other people were there. It turns out that they were tourists from Texas visiting the area to take in its sights, and they were snapping pictures lots of pictures in the park.



(Editor’s note: Thanks to Brian for reminding us that one of our chief pleasures is sensual pleasure, and to Rena Young and her staff for taking and collecting the pictures for HCC’s Facebook page.  We are indeed fortunate to enjoy a beautiful campus that enhances our students’ learning experience.  And many thanks to all the fine folks who work so hard to maintain it for all of us to enjoy!)

2 comments on “Enjoying the Campus

  1. myevette2000 says:

    I enjoyed the photos and the reminder to stop and look at the beauty.

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