I want to live in Mitford (just for a little while)

ReadingthuRsday-R2Anyone who knows just a little about me knows I love to read and mysteries are my favorite genre. However, now and then I like to read a “feel good” story. On my last trip to the library, Jan Karon’s novel about Mitford was available. In past years, I have found the Mitford novels to offer a certain amount of calming influence on some hectic days, so I gladly checked it out. The latest books is called Come Rain, Come Shine. I will admit these books are not considered classics, and many will find the plots simplistic, but for me it was the right book at the right time.mitfordbooks

There are 12 Mitford novels, and they feature Father Timothy Kavanagh and the fictional village of Mitford. The latest book is about a wedding between two young people, Lace and Dooley. In the midst of all the wedding preparations, small side stories emerge. While the plot is interesting, it is really the small passages throughout the book that describe love, human failings, longings, redemption, and faith. What saves the book from being sappy is that not everyone is perfect and not everything works out neatly. However, a happy ending that leaves the reader uplifted is a joyous occasion, and this book provides joy.

Peace (interior)Lately, we are plagued with less than civil political rhetoric and violence as we work through our democratic process to elect a president. This week evil was committed against innocent citizens in Brussels. I am not hiding my head in the sand, nor am I making these events seem unimportant. However, I needed just a few moments to “live” in a peaceful place where neighbors look after each other and lift each other up. So for me, the right book this week is about a small make-believe village with make-believe people who do make-believe things. Let us all strive to have a little “Mitford kindness.”

I am thankful to be American, and I stand with the people of Brussels.

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