Ta Ta!

It’s time to face reality…three weeks left in the term and much too much to do. We’re signing off, at least for the summer. Thanks for reading and sharing.


Ending on an Up Note: Puppy Love

Admission of bias: I adore Julep, my PWC (Pembroke Welsh Corgi, for the cuteness-deprived). I’ve learned a lot from that little dog during our six years together, including the value of humor and surprise in improving my attitude. It may not be practical to unleash a wagonload of puppies on your class when you see your students’ eyes glazing over. Still, with a bit of creative thought, you can probably come up with a way to up the pleasureinlearning quotient by adding a touch of humor and surprise. For evidence of efficacy, watch this:

Enjoy your weekend.

Ending on an Up Note: Safety Tips

After I discussed lab safety, played a safety video, and asked students to sign a lab safety contract, my class asked, “Who would be dumb enough to do that stuff anyway?”

Who, indeed?


Thanks to Doug Savage at Savage Chickens–Cartoons on Sticky Notes for once again sharing his unique view of the world.

Enjoy your weekend…safely, of course.

Ending on an Up Note: Real True Love

We love each other, and we love our dog. For years, my husband and I have celebrated Valentine’s week by cuddling up to watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. The telecast always features a segment highlighting the good works that dogs do: search and rescue, assistance dogs, therapy dogs, visiting angel dogs. I’m fortunate to teach on an army post, so I have a special place in my heart for the canine soldiers who serve our country. Here’s a fitting tribute:

So hug the ones you love, including your dog…and enjoy your weekend.